Swift is On Call 24/7 to Respond to your Staffing Needs

Swift Staffing Agency is proud to be a minority owned company that specializes in providing reliable, compassionate, direct care counselors for a variety of human service programs including:

Residential Homes

Adolescent Programs

Day Programs

Home Care

Relief Staff

Swift’s diverse, highly skilled, multi-lingual staff has specialized training in regards to helping professionals. Our staff are trained to handle all types of developmental and physical disabilities with compassion and skill, assisting clients in mastering everyday living skills and modeling healthy behaviors for residents or clients.

Residential Homes

Swift provides their staff with all types of residential homes from small group homes to specialized homes and day programs. Our staff has the personal skills to assist clients with activities, personal care and health complications.

Juvenile Programs

Our skilled staff is trained to handle the special needs of juveniles in a wide variety of programs and facilities. Swift employees have the social skills to handle juveniles with mental, behavioral, social and family problems including substance abuse.

Home Care

For clients with special needs, children and elderly who require home care, Swift Staffing home care services include assistance with a variety of activities of daily living including shopping, bathing, light housekeeping and companionship.


Many of the Swift staff are certified in first aid, CPR and PAC. Swift Staffing prescreens all employees with personal interviews, reference checks and C.O.R.I. checks to assure competency. All pertinent certifications and licenses are verified and kept on file.


“When I am in a pinch, it’s like music to my ears to hear Al say ‘I’ll take care of it.’” Molly Anderson ~ North East Arc, Residential Director

NuPath, Inc.

  • “NuPath has been partnering with Swift for over 10 years. Swift has helped provide reliable and dedicated staffing in times of need. The management team are very accessible and responsible! You can count on Swift to find your company the perfect staffing to fit your needs.” Amy Mondesir ~ NuPath, Inc.
  • “Swift has been with NuPath for a long time. The dedication of their staff is awesome. I have nothing but great experiences with all of the staff, including the owners. The staff are all SO friendly and willing to help whenever I need them. The owners are very understanding. I am so thankful for their quick responses and their customer service. Their work exceeds my expectations with the level of attention, responsiveness and quality of candidates they provide. Having Swift’s support as a team is a great stress reliever in this highly intense staffing shortage.” Bessie Tsimba ~ NuPath, Inc., Residential Associate Director

Vinfen, Co.

  • “Whether it is scheduling shifts for an entire month, or with less than a few minutes notice, Swift has always been able to accommodate in a fast and friendly manner. I appreciate that Swift does their best to send the same staff to programs, which is very helpful and appreciated. Their staff are well trained and become familiar with the clients and routines very quickly. They have great overall communication and are very dependable!” Melissa E. Pike ~ Vinfen, Co., Senior Program Director

“I use Swift all the time when I need good, dependable staff and I need them on short notice. I have been using Swift for the past year or more and could not be happier. All of the staff that get sent to me, work hard and are very good with my individuals. There is nothing that they won’t do and go above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis! I recommend Swift Staffing Agency to everyone who asks who I use for relief staff.” Katherine R. McNally ~ Minute Man ArcProgram Manager

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