This is Swift…

Swift’s MISSION:

“Swift Staffing Agency’s mission is to supply human service providers with reliable, compassionate, well-trained staff when they need it, as quickly as possible. Swift’s staff are trained to function as part of the provider’s staff, not just as relief staff. Our staff will treat people with respect and kindness, and be sensitive to their individual needs and challenges while giving them the support they need to improve their quality of life.”

Meet our team

Our comprehensive suite of professionals caters to a diverse team of dependable relief staff, on demand 24/7.

Al Maïd


Al Maïd worked in the human resources field for many years as a residential program director. When he needed relief staff for his programs, he found that most staffing agencies were unreliable. Al knew he could do better. He founded Swift Staffing Agency, Inc. in 1996 and has built a network of loyal, hard-working, dependable direct care counselors. He recruits, interviews and trains his staff, makes sure they arrive in a timely manner and are familiar with the program he is sending them to. Al’s clients know they can call him at the last minute and when he says, “I’ll take care of it,” they can rest assured that their shifts will be covered.

Adam Maïd

General Manager

Adam Maïd graduated from Rider University in 2020 with his Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Policy. Still yearning for more knowledge, expertise, and opportunities, Adam went on to pursue his Master’s Degree in Athletic Administration. He fulfilled all of this while competing as a Division 1 Athlete in Track & Field. Adam has a zealous passion for helping others and has a keen ability to strengthen relationships and interact with new people. He joined the Swift Family in November of 2021.

This is Swift Staffing Agency, Inc.

Swift Staffing Agency provides skilled full-time and part-time human services staff for relief and contract assignments on demand 24/7. Our trained staff is equipped to meet your staffing needs for residential homes, juvenile programs, day programs and home care.

As a client of Swift Staffing, you’ll never have to worry about relief staff again. Our staff is loyal and responsible and we always come through in a pinch. And we won’t break your budget. Our rates are reasonable and we never charge extra for overtime or holidays.